Thursday, June 9, 2016

Android N's official name to be revealed in a few weeks, Google confirms

Google has confirmed that the official name for the latest version of its mobile OS - currently known as Android N - will be revealed in a few weeks. The confirmation came in the form of a tweet and Google+ post.

If you recall, at its I/O conference this year, the Mountain View, California-based companyannounced that it is accepting suggestions for the name. But even before that, the search giant was conducting online polls to finalize the name.
For what it's worth, there have also been reports that Android N is internally known as New York Cheesecake.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

OnePlus Loop VR apps

Hi, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on OnePlus Loop VR on Amazon flash sale then you must be looking for some app to experience the virtual reality effect for real :)

I got my vr headset today only and i have motorola g3, apparently g3 does not have gyroscope which is key ingredient for any vr app.
OnePlus Loop VR

So after searching a lot i have two links for you to get started with your vr headset. [non-gyro phone]

Now if you are lucky enough to have gyro in your phone then you can also enjoy
Youtube 360 degree videos,  you will have to click on a little cardboard icon left to your speaker button to enjoy it on your vr headset.

Go have fun with your OnePlus Loop VR and let me know how does it feel :)

P.S. Google cardboard app will not work with this headset :(

This headset is basically for OnePlus 3 launch event, which is going to happen on 14th june 2016.

Check out the video of unboxing of OnePlus Loop VR

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Free Recharge App Android : PayTunes

How to Get Started with PayTunes App:

  1. Download the App- Click Here
  2. Launch the app and Click "Get Started" by registering your Mobile no.
  3. Confirm the mobile no. and fill other details like name etc.
  4. Use Referral Code: samarth01
  5. Finally! You got 10 points as Bonus and start earning points.
Go through the easy tutorial.
Start scrolling left and you will be able to explore the app.

How to Redeem Free Recharge on PayTunes App:

  1. Now click on the "Redeem Button" displayed on the App main page.
  2. Fill in your Mobile No, details like prepaid,operator,amount etc.
  3. After all the details click the Green Tick.
  4. Your Recharge will be done in an instant.
Now refer and earn more from PayTunes app. Get 80 Points for every friend who downloads the app and uses your referral code.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Top 3 apps for free recharge android

Top 3 apps for free recharge for android users in india




These are top 3 trending android applications which gives you free recharge, paytm cash or free 3g/4g data.

Taskbucks :
Taskbucks gives you paytm cash for completing many offers on the app.
You will have to download new application and keep them for mentioned days to earn free money through taskbucks. It is leading app in this category.

Caution : you will have to open app daily to complete offers. You will have to go to active offers daily and perform certain tasks.

You can also earn 25rs referral reward by sharing this app with friends, they must install using your link and install one app.

Databack :
Databack gives you reward in form of free 3g/4g data. There are offers for existing apps installed on your phone or you can install from apps list on offers page.

I find it pretty useful to get back free 3g data for using your favourite apps on android.

Mostly you have to use apps on mobile data to get back data upto 5MB per day per app. You can even earn on wi-fi for selected apps as chrome, facebook and whatsapp.

I recommend you to give it a try for free data recharge on the go.

You need minimum 150MB data to redeem.
You can have 25MB data from referral.
 get 5MB instantly with my code: RAS83387

PayTunes :

Now PayTunes is my absolute favourite for earning free recharge because of its ease of use, it is so simple to use that you will instantly fall in love with the idea.

so here is the idea to get you free recharge. you do nothing but install this app once and register and voila there you go.

So how does it work?
It changes your ringtone with some cool ad jingles
So every time you receive a call, you are most likely to get a point or two if you follow three simple steps. Pick call after 15 seconds, talk for more than 30 seconds to get 2 points.

You can later use these points to make a recharge through the app.

I have already taken 50 rs recharge from the app.

You can also earn through referrals, refer your friends through whatsapp. ask them to install through your referral link and when they get their first recharges you get your referral reward of 80 points.

Now interesting part is that say you have some points and short of some to make recharge then simply go to get more points, download apps from there and get some extra points. club them together and get your first recharge from the app.

It is super easy.